St. Michael Feast Day Weekend Celebration on September 26 & 27

We will be celebrating the Feast of St. Michael, patron saint of military personnel, law enforcement, and first responders. We will also be celebrating Fr. Rossi’s 10 year anniversary of ordination to the priesthood!

How To Prepare

Between now and Wednesday, September 23, do any of the following to be included in the video, photo albums and spiritual bouquets being created that will be  presented to Father:

1.    Email a video selfie of you or your family congratulating Father or saying a word of appreciation about his priesthood to v@oremus.church

2.    Email a photo of you or your family smiling to


3.    After Masses on Sept. 19 & 20, go outside to the porch near the sacristy and one of the youth will take your photo or video.

4.   On www.oremus.church, you can add your contributions to the spiritual  bouquet for Fr. Rossi in the form provided, as well as adding a special personal message from you/your family for Fr. Rossi which will be included.

5.  Invite your friends, co-workers.  Non-Catholics welcome too!  🙂

How To Participate – Sep 26th & 27th

·         At Mass Sep 26 & 27th: Anyone in the military, law enforcement, a veteran or a first responder—you will receive a special blessing (feel free to wear the uniform of your calling).  Catholics & Non-Catholics – all are welcome!

·         Immediately Following Mass: Everyone will receive a special gift after Mass in honor of Father’s anniversary!  Also, you’ll be able to congratulate Father outside under the portico, and enjoy a video montage of Father’s life and ministry.

·         Prayer Opportunity: We’ll provide an opportunity to “adopt” a group representing military personnel, first responders, or law enforcement, to pray for them (St. Michael is the patron of these folks).

Can’t Be There in Person?

·         The Sunday, 9am Mass will be  live-streamed.

·         We’ll share the video and photo albums with you via special pages our parish website!

·         Say the St. Michael prayer for all those in the military, law enforcement and first responders – St. Michael is their patron saint!

·         Please say a Hail Mary for Fr. Rossi and thank God for his ordination anniversary!

·         Rest assured you are spiritually united with us!