Formation – Candidate

The below is for those who are in their 2nd year of formation (Candidate).

The below Candidate Formation Program outline and materials received approval from the Lay Provincial Council and the participating Lay Dominican Chapters and Groups in the Southern Province in spring 2017, during the regular 3-year LPC gathering.

The attached is the Candidate study guide revised in September 2017 (if you are in the middle of the study year and using the previous version, please continue to do so): Candidate Program schedule 09 04 2017

Please see the below documents, which are part of the Candidate Program supplements for your monthly reading:

  1. The Salve Sisters of St. Cecilia
  2. Study Questions Fr. Bruno on Our Lady
  3. Liturgy of the Hours. USCC Study Text VII 1981.
  4. Lectio Divina Article Fr. Sam Morello
  5. Lagrange Volume 2 Ch 24 The Sacrifice of the Mass and Proficients
  6. From the 1983 Code of Canon Law
  7. Fr. Kammler Office of Rome Oct. 2007
  8. Excerpts from the Libellus of Bl
  9. Excerpts from Misericordia Gen Chapters Meeting 8 May
  10. Excerpts from CCC Dec. Meeting 5
  11. Excerpt from Lumen Gentium Ch. IV June Meeting 9
  12. Excerpt from Benedict XVI Spe Salve
  13. Early Statutes of Dominican Laity Tugwell(r) pp 432-33
  14. Description more than Prescription Meditation on the Gospel of Beatitudes Msgr. Pope
  15. Benedict Ashley article The Life of a Teacher April Meeting 7

Suggested Study Questions:

Candidate Sept Meeting 1 Study Questions
Candidate Oct Meeting 2 Study Questions
Candidate Nov Meeting 3 Study Questions
Candidate Dec Meeting 4 Study Questions
Candidate March Meeting 6 Study Questions
Candidate April Meeting 7 Study Questions