Legion of Mary

LEGION OF MARY – What is it?

The Legion of Mary is a world-wide lay apostolate of the Catholic Church, in which Catholic men and women, young people and children, seek to sanctify themselves and others through a program of prayer, study, service, and spiritual works in union with Our Lady under the guidance of a priest or deacon.

The Legion began in Dublin, Ireland on September 7, 1921, and is now in every country of the world, with approximately three million active and ten million auxiliary members.
  1. To enable its members to become better Catholics and to mobilize the Catholic laity.
  2. To raise the spiritual level of the entire community through direct contact with and interest in every member and potential member of the Mystical Body of Christ.
  3. To accomplish this through Mary, Mother of Souls and Mediatrix of all Grace.
Types of Membership
Active members and Auxiliary (praying) members.
Who may belong
Any practicing Catholic who is willing to fulfill the obligations of membership in the proper spirit. Senior members must be at least 18; intermediate members are age 13 to 18; junior members are age 8-13. Men and women, all ages, are most welcome!
Duties of Active Members
  1. To attend the weekly meeting
  2. To do a minimum of two hours of Apostolic work each week with a partner. This work is determined by the pastor and assigned at the meeting.
  3. To recite the Catena Legionis daily
  4. To follow the system of the Legion according to the Handbook
Some Types of Work Undertaken
  1. Door to Door visitation to establish friendly contact with non-Catholics and/or those Catholics who may not be practicing their Faith, as well as parish families, to foster Catholic devotions such as First Fridays, daily family rosary, missions, etc.
  2. Follow up on the parish census
  3. Promotion of Sacred Heart Enthronement in parishioners’ homes
  4. Administration of Pilgrim Virgin Program
  5. Instruction of prospective converts, school children, and those who wish to learn more about their Catholic Faith (Scripture Study, Faith Formation, RCIA)
  6. Visitation of the sick in homes and hospitals
  7. Visitation of residents in nursing/assisted living homes
  8. Other spiritual works of mercy as needed/assigned by the Pastor.
Reasons for joining
  1. Our Lady needs you. The Legion of Mary will give you a chance to dedicate yourself to her service. By actually working for her, your love for her will be translated into action.
  2. Growth in your Faith; development of the gifts of grace you received in Baptism and Confirmation.
  3. The friendship of your fellow Legionaries and the friendship of those for whom you work.
What people are saying about the Legion of Mary:
“We give a very special blessing to this beautiful and holy work … I pray for you that you may exercise still more earnestly that apostolate of prayer and work to which you have set your hands.” (Pope Pius XI)
“The Legion has been a stabilizing influence in the weekly regimen of my life s a priest. I have found legionaries to be my most persevering and consistent collaborators in evangelization. The Legion has extended the effect of Christ’s priesthood by imitating the way Christ employed his disciples.” (Rev. Francis Lendacky, Spiritual Dir., Philadelphia Senatus)
“Being a Legionary has helped me mature in my Catholic Faith and has helped me respond to God’s call. I’ll do anything for Our Lady.” (Sr. Mary Jacinta, Handmaids of Mary Immaculate)
“The Legion is the foundation of our married life. It has given us a structure for our spiritual life, while helping us to grow both individually and as a couple.” (Steve and Edel Lukens, Bridgeport, PA)
“The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church.” (Pope John XXIII)
  1. How can I find out more about the Legion of Mary?
  2. Come to a meeting …
Pray the Rosary with us … find out about us … who we are … what we do … how becoming a part of the Legion of Mary can help on our journey to Heaven! We look forward to seeing you on Friday evening.
What you don’t need:
Great intelligence, experience, extraordinary talents, to feel capable, to know a lot!
What you do need:
A willingness to let Our Lady use you as you are. She needs your hands and feet, your lips and heart, your time and effort, for Legionaries are simply Mary’s means of action in the world today. She will use what you give her to the best advantage, for although others may surpass your offering, they cannot replace it.
Our Lady of Grace Praesidium at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Gastonia NC
Meeting Day & Time: Friday – 6-7:30pm
Holy Family Room (in the Parish Center)