Pastor's Updates

Dear Parish Family,
The Chancery of the Diocese of Charlotte has offered pastors guidance to instruct parishes in the in light of the Governor's Executive Order.
For Indoor Liturgical Services:
"Please note that according to EO 141, "the mass gathering limit and other requirements of the Executive Order do not apply to worship, religious and spiritual gatherings, funeral ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and other activities constituting the exercise of First Amendment rights.
Individuals are encouraged to follow the Three W''s to reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19"  (PHASE II FAQ'S)
i) Three W's Wear, Wait, Wash:
Wear a cloth face covering if you will be with other people.
Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.
These actions can protect our families and neighbors as the state takes a cautious step forward to ease restrictions while the virus is still circulating."

The Chancery also noted that "as a constitutionally protected right, religious gatherings are explicitly exempt from this order and therefore are not subject to citations."

As Pastor, I continue to encourage the guidance of the Chancery. Please be informed citizens and read the Governor's Executive Order. Make informed decisions.
Consider those around you.
I would also ask that bathroom use continue to be limited to home when possible.  Before and after Mass, please avoid congregating in the narthex, but do so outdoors. Thank you.

While in Phase II, we will continue the current Sunday Mass Schedule 7:30AM and 9:00 AM.
The Sunday obligation remains lifted and if you feel ill or do not feel comfortable gathering indoors, the Mass will be on Livestream at 9:00AM on Sundays to view from home.

God bless,
Fr. Rossi

Dear Saint Michael Families,
Tomorrow we celebrate the wonderful Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is God's heart on fire with love for us.
I deeply desire to have our Church visited by individuals and families to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Heart of Jesus hidden in the Sacred Host.
How we need the love of His Heart to transform our hearts!
We have created a SIGN-UP Genius for Adoration tomorrow until 5:00PM. Let us give Jesus the gift of our simple heats on this amazing day celebrating His Most Sacred Heart!
God bless,
Fr. Rossi
Mass 8:30AM
Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament 9:15 AM-5:00PM
Confessions- following Mass - Thu, Jun 18, 4:33 PM - http://myparishapp.com/

How to celebrate DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY in these difficult times. Wonderful spiritual advice from the Marian Fathers of the Divine Mercy Shrine.

Let us be consoled by their spiritual counsel


Fri, Apr 17, 8:22 AM

Good Morning Saint Michael Families!
In the Gospel for today, Jesus appears for the third time to his disciples. Like the Gospel passages from the earlier this week, we see a movement from not recognizing the Lord to recognizing the Lord. Simon Peter and the other disciples have gone fishing. After an entire night, they have caught nothing.  At dawn, Jesus appears to them and they do not recognize Him.  He stands on the shore and asks them, “Children, have you caught anything to eat?”  They answer, “No.” Our Lord of course knew the answer, but they needed to acknowledge their dependency.  He invites them to toss their net over the right side of the boat. They are not able to pull it in because of the great catch of fish. Suddenly, the beloved disciple exclaims, “It is the Lord!”  When the Lord is at their side, their efforts bear fruit.  We fail to recognize Jesus at our side when we look for ways to be independent and to live life by own efforts, living like Jesus is dead. The disciples willingly admitted, “No…we have caught nothing to eat.”  We, like them, need to tell the Lord when we are helpless and have caught nothing.  We need to give to Him all the worries and anxieties that come from our pride and wanting to do and think for ourselves.
We recognize the Risen Lord when we allow Him into the dark night of our lives where we have caught nothing.  He will bring the Light of His presence causing us to exclaim “It is the Lord!”
With Easter joy,
Fr. Rossi

Palm Sunday St. Michael will host Parade-a-Palms!
What is that?
On Palm Sunday, from 1-3PM the Faithful will drive to the Church in their vehicles.
As you drive the parade path, each car will:
1) Receive blessed Palms from Mass (a few for each car)
2) Receive a St. Joseph Prayer Book created by TAN for the Year of St. Joseph and donated by the Knights of Columbus, (1 per family).
3) Donate plastic sacks with food to be donated to our local community.
4) Receive a blessing from Father Rossi as you depart parade.
What to do:
Arrive at St. Michael from 1:00-3:00PM. Enter the usual way, from Jackson street, following the normal traffic pattern, and drive AROUND THE BACK OF THE CHURCH.  Continue driving and turn right TOWARDS THE PARISH CENTER.   If you are donating food,(Suggested list below) please make sure all items are in plastic grocery bags and TIED CLOSED. Place the sacks in your trunk. When your vehicle reaches the entrance of the parish center, OPEN THE TRUNK.  Knights and other volunteers will remove the sacks for you.
Kindly remain in your vehicles at times during the parade.

Wear RED, smile, wave, and praise the Lord Jesus! Hosanna to the Son of David!
List of items:

Crisco or the like
Canned meat (any kind)
Spaghetti Sauce
(Cream of chicken, mushroom etc. and regular soups)
Dried milk
Canned fruit
Canned veggies
Pancake mix
Children's snack foods

Sat, Apr 4, 9:21 AM

Good Morning!
Unique Opportunity TODAY:
Special offer - Confessions 10 - 11AM
Church open until 12 noon for private prayer.
In the Gospel today taken from John 8:51-59, The Jews accuse Jesus of being possessed because He said, "Whoever keeps my word will never taste death." They misinterpret Jesus' word to mean physical death.  Yet, we can often expect Jesus to prevent physical death. He does for some in His miracles. However, people often turn away from God because of the pain of grief at the death of love ones, or weariness of witnessing so much death and violence in the world. Should not God stop death?  After all he just said, "Whoever keeps my word will never taste death."  Remember, physical death is the result of original sin.  The devil, the Father of Lies, told Adam and Eve, "You certainly will not die!"  A lie.  They bought it and sinned.  The punishment was not simply physical death but eternal death: no eternal life with God.
Jesus' passion, death and resurrection is the victory over sin and death: eternal death. Nothing is worse than being separated from God FOREVER. Hell.
Jesus enters into human death in order to save us from eternal death.  So many believe the greatest fear is losing physical health or one's earthly life.  The greatest fear for humanity should be losing God and losing our souls.
Jesus is Our Savior.  We cling to him in order to never lose Him or the eternal life He promises to those "who keep His word."
In Christ, through Mary and Joseph,
Fr. Rossi